Reliabilt Windows

Well, I am thankful we got a long warranty on the windows because they are so many problems with them so far, and I am upset with the way they look so obviously like replacement windows since they aren’t reducing the capping like we were told by the salesperson would happen (see 4th point below).  Here are all the window problems and reasons why people should not buy Reliabilt windows or have Lowe’s install them:

  • Lowe’s sold us windows that Reliabilt doesn’t even make.  We ordered Reliabilt 3900 series windows, most of them white but several were to have almond interior and white exterior.  This should not be considered a Reliabilt issue except to say that their manufacturing choices are not intuitive and knowledgeably selling them is difficult.
  • The simulated wood grain windows were manufactured by having someone use a brown marker to cover over the white vinyl where the simulated wood grain was not applied.
  • One window arrived with cracks in the exterior frame, and a few had problems with the interior frame.
  • We were told by the Lowe’s salesperson that the Reliabilt 3900 windows would only add ” a little” width to the window capping/casing.  Take a look at this photo showing the original window on the 2nd floor and the Reliabilt window on the 1st: Here is a Better view of the 2 windows in which one can easily see that the Reliabilt 3900 replacement window doubled the width of the border around the window:
    You can also see how shoddy the j-channel looks around the window capping.  It’s not straight and angles outward and downward, and the corner is not crisp at all.
  • Several of the screens have netting that are puckered, pulled out, and or cut through.
  • The installation was poor, i.e., the caulking was applied to dirty wood so it will not adhere for the several years advertised.
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Bad Screens, bad installation, and/or careless siding installers

Well, we have had no kitchen vent for a week now (nor microwave).  We’ve had to live off of warmed up food and restaurants.  To do some electrical work to fix the microwave that had to be removed to prove it to Adams Hoe Exteriors that the kitchen duct that they swore was “riveted into the house” was not connected at all from inside the house, I had to open two of the new windows for ventilation.  On both of them, the screens are pulled out of the channel and on one, the screen has several slices in it.  This is just about the two-dozenth problem with Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores and/or Adams Home Exteriors.

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So kudos to Adams Home Exteriors (or whoever may have exerted pressure) to help them deploy more than one person on the siding project.  In one day, more work had been done than the previous week.  Of course the project is still 2-1/2 weeks behind, but it seems like one can see the end.

However, there are some issues with the new quick siding (see video below).

So the siding has a half inch of play in it, forward and backward.  I thought that the middle was not nailed in, but the installer pulled a piece out to show my wife, and it was.  The problem is that it has much more play in it than the front of the house.  Now, I am wondering which side is done better and which one is worse.

Also in the video, is the fact that the top course of siding does not seem to have house wrap under it or at least there is no overlap and nailing surface for the next row of wrap that would go above it.  After questioning Shawn Adams, he responded that the installer does not leave wrap overnight without something to protect it.  Unfortunately, I can’t believe that response for two reasons:

  1. The siding was nailed in all the way on 16″ centers.  If an installer knew he would need to rip out some nails, he would leave enough of the nail stem to pry it out.  Further, why would he nail them every 16″ for just tacking them in overnight?
  2. How could he say that the installer doesn’t leave unprotected wrap when there is a 5′ x 8′ section that is unprotected and even has a few feet of wrap flapping in the wind?

The top course from the video was opened up so my wife could see that they used the wrap.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t how that it overlapped with the row below it, and more worrisome, it looks like it bulges out a lot.  In fact, I am worried that it may not have been put in the course below it but had instead been nailed with the wrap hanging downward and had then been folded up.  Hopefully, it is bulging because it wasn’t nailed in very flatly and is puckering in the middle.

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Drill Battery taken

On Friday, I found the following note on my Ryobi drill that was in the garage.  Evidently, Adams Home Exterior’s installer, Lafe, had a helper that thought the drill was Lafe’s.  I appreciate it being returned, but now, it’s missing a battery.  I know it had it’s battery attached because I used it briefly the week before, and I kept it in the garage along with the rip saw that I used to cut a sample of siding to get color matching for the garage door paint.  So someone on behalf of Adams Home Exteriors and, therefore, Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, took my property from inside my house — the drill was returned but not the battery.  So should Lowe’s or Adams be responsible or am I simply out a battery?

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